Prop – ‘Sack Wax’

When Ted is late on the rent, again, the building owner comes up with a unique way to pay off the debt!

Episode Photos – “Team Tedward”

Episode 5: Ted is fed up with his staff’s dysfunction and forces a team building exercise on the group.

Episode Photos – “Chlamydiot”

Pilot: A flier left on the studio door leads to a heated argument and embarrassing revelation.

Episode Photos – “The Family Package”

Episode 4:  A secret from Ted’s past is revealed when a single mom comes in to have some family photos taken.

Episode Photos – “Dadvertisement”

Episode 6:  Rose helps her dad make a commercial, after his first attempt is a disaster.

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Episode photos – “Wax On Wax Off”

Episode 2 – Ted is late on the rent again, so the building owner comes up with a unique way to pay off the debt.

Dan Franko in HBO show VEEP

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Ken Arnold is TED

Ken Arnold stars in Click! as Ted “The Cycle” Sipkowski, owner and operator of Baltimore’s Click! Photography Studio. In his rookie year playing pro baseball in Baltimore, Ted hit for one of baseball’s… Continue reading

Click! delayed

  So, our second weekend of shooting Click! was cancelled – again!  The first was two weeks ago and the second time, this past weekend.  For the same reason.  One of our primary actors… Continue reading