Mustache teaser promo

the teaser – for our first promo – one day, we’ll actually have episodes to post

Promo Photos

We shot a few promos this weekend, which we’ll release in short order.  Our main series editing has hit a bit of a snag… there was a bee in the house, we tried… Continue reading

House Click!

  We’re big Game of Thrones fans here at Click!  Create your own house at

Picture’s Up

One year ago today, the Occupy Movement was still a thing and Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’ was the number one song. Oh, and we started filming the first episode of our web series. So… Continue reading

Paraabnormal Season 2 Airs

Our director, Jamie Nash, has his own web series, Paraabnormal.  It’s a spoof of all the ghost hunter and paranormal shows.  And stars two of our actors from Click! — Ken Arnold and… Continue reading

Dan Franko gif’d

Actor Dan Franko was officially gif’d by HBO’s Veep!   Congrats Dan!

Opening Titles

The light table will eventually fill up with portraits of the wacky clients that show up at Ted’s studio, as well as interesting moments from the episodes. (Dont’ forget to watch the clip… Continue reading


Before Ted started Click! Studios, he was a professional baseball player for the local team.

Happy Holidays!

Prop – ‘Sven Jolly’

A promo ad created by Ted for one of his odd-ball clients