Episode 1:  CHLAMYDIOT    Photographer Ted prepares for a session when his staff gets into a heated argument over a flier left on the studio door. 


Episode 2:  TEAM TEDWARD    Do you like team building exercises? Ted’s staff doesn’t either, but he forces one on them anyway. And Mr. Miyagi’s the pair into working together for the first time.  


Episode 3:  WAX ON WAX OFF    When Ted is late on the rent, again, he’s paid a visit by his odd-ball landlord and made an offer he can’t refuse.



Sven Jolly


 Episode 4: When Jason refuses to make some copies, Nikki compels him with techniques she learned from the studio’s latest client. Coming this Fall.






family package 1

The Family Package


 Episode 5:  A secret from Ted’s past is revealed when a single mom comes in to have some family photos taken. Coming this Fall.




dadvert cover 1



 Episode 6:  Rose helps her dad make a commercial, after his first attempt is a disaster. Coming this Fall.