We want to thank everyone who works on our webseries.  These folks are more than collaborators, they are friends, and many of us have been making films together since 2004! 


Creator CHRIS MUELLER — Self-described as the laziest writer he knows, it took Chris more than a year to conceive of a web series that starred his acting friends, had a single location and followed the rule of three.  So at a photography studio’s Christmas party, thrown by owner Ken Arnold, who also runs an acting workshop with his good friend Dan Franko, he thought to himself, I wonder if there is a show about a dude who runs a photography studio with his idiot best friend (sorry Dan).  Yep, that took a year.

Director   JAMIE NASH — An accomplished feature writer, Jamie has penned more than fifty screenplays, including several collaborations with director Eduardo Sanchez (of Blair Witch fame).  Plus, he’s got two features in development with Amazon Studios.  So what’s he doing directing our series?  In a word – slumming.  Jamie also writes and directs his own webseries, ParaAbnormal, starring Ken Arnold & Joe Hansard.

Director of PhotographySTEPHEN SCOTT — Is a long-time friend and collaborator with everyone involved in the series.  He’s a full-time professional grip and DP, working on almost every Baltimore-based production in the last decade, including building the current sets for Veep and House of Cards.

Editors — We’re using a round-table of editors.  TIM SHELBY, STU HAIGHTMEG FREEBURN and KEN ARNOLD.

Assistant Director DAN DELUCA —  Does everything.  He has written, directed and produced commercials, music videos, industrial videos and feature-length films.  As an actor, Dan appeared in the films Rocket Science and Crazy Eights, and had a recurring feature role on season 4 of The Wire.

Art Direction STEVE MORRIS & CHESTER STACY — Two more long-time friends and collaborators, Steve and Chester are graphic artists who create most of the props seen on the show, and share Sound and Grip duties on set.

Hair/Makeup BRIT STRICTLAND & NATASHA SIERAKOWSKI — Couldn’t film anything without them.  And they are two of the best, working on many local film productions and of course, weddings.


Writing Staff MIKE BRENNAN, STEVE BURGESS & MIKE MORUCCI — The writing team was assembled in a montage sequence, like one of those heist flicks… from a screenwriting class, a screenwriting workgroup and Twitter… okay, it was more like Revenge of the Nerds 3.  They collaborated via Skype and Google Docs.  We’re not even sure if one of them is human.   Each wrote one episode apiece, helped break the stories and punch up the material for the rest of the series.