TED “Cycle” SIPKOWSKI, owner and operator of Click! Photography Studio, in downtown Baltimore, Hon
— Poor Ted.  He used to be somebody.  A professional baseball player in fact, who in his rookie year with the Orioles, hit for one of the game’s rarities…the cycle.  It would become his nickname, both on and off the field.  Because Ted also went for the cycle whenever he was on a road trip: a blonde, brunette and redhead in every city.  His marriage didn’t last much longer than his short career.  Ted cashed in on his minor celebrity, becoming a pitch man for local businesses, and later, turned his photography hobby into Click!.
— The webseries centers around the divorced dad, who will struggle to build his business while saddled with the least effective ‘staff’ ever.  And work on his relationship with his sixteen year old daughter, Rose.
JASON, co-owner of the studio and Ted’s ex-brother-in-law.
— Yep, Jason is an uncle to Rose, but that doesn’t make him an adult.  The thirty something never had to  work a day in his life, because he invented a best-selling novelty item and the small royalty’s sustained him since.  Oh, you probably heard of the ‘Number 2 Shoe’ in one of those late-night infomercials – a slip-on cover to “disguise your shoesies when you have to go twosies” at work.
— Jason bought a thirty percent stake in the Click!, when Ted couldn’t raise the money to pay off his ex-wife in the divorce.  Now Jason spends most of his time hanging out with his ‘bestie’ and annoying Nikki.
NIKKI, the studio receptionist and assistant.
— Nikki came with the place… literally.  As part of Ted’s lease agreement with the building owner, Wayne. Ted’s not sure what the connection is between Wayne and Nikki, and he doesn’t want to.  It’s creepy.
— But he does know that what Nikki lacks in office skills, she makes up for with a winning combination of laziness and indifference.
WAYNE, the building owner who leases space to Ted
— Look at this guy.  He’s either a cuddly teddy bear or one clown suit away from eating babies.  And that’s how Wayne likes it.  For he rules the building with an ironing fist – uh, he also owns the laundry mat down the street – and quite often mixes up his metafloors.  It’s cute.
— Unless you’re late on the rent.  Then out comes the pepper spray and paintball gun… and sometimes, the hot wax – Wayne does prefers that all-over smooth feeling like a swimmer.  Which is why you’ll often find him sporting the latest in 80’s workout gear.  Because if there’s one thing he believes in, it’s fitness.
ROSE, daughter of Ted/niece to Jason
— Rose inherited her mom’s scowl and uncle’s smart mouth.   So that’s two things that annoy Ted about his daughter.  But being a typical teenager is the absolute worst.  With the Tweets and Snookis and the jeans with the words on the butt.
— Ted only gets to see his daughter on the weekends, and most of that time is spent at Click!, where she thinks of Nikki as a big sister and Jason as her little brother.