“ce n’est pas drôle”

Got our first review — from a euro online web mag of all places

Summer Hiatus

We put Nikki in charge of editing the last three episodes… not one of Ted’s better decisions. See you in the Fall!

More Outtakes from Episode 3

Outtakes from Episode 3

Behind the scenes with the always hilarious Joe Hansard.

Episode 3 “WAX ON WAX OFF”

When Ted is late on the rent, again, he’s paid a visit by his odd-ball landlord and made an offer he can’t refuse.


Do you like team building exercises?  You do… weirdo.   Ted’s staff doesn’t, but he forces one on them anyway.  And Mr. Miyagi’s the pair into working together for the first time.

Click! on The Arch Campbell Show

‘Semi-famous actor’ Joe Hansard made a guest appearance on DC’s Channel 8 yesterday. They showed a clip of our third episode, featuring Joe as former fitness guru and current landlord Wayne.  Arch and… Continue reading

Alternate Lines & Flubs From Our Pilot

These are pretty damn good!  

EPISODE 1 “Chlamydiot”

Photographer Ted prepares for a morning session when his staff gets into a heated argument over a flier left on the studio door. (Help us make #Chlamydiot a thing by watching and sharing… Continue reading